Coronavirus: 10 Ways To Celebrate Your Original Wedding Date

Wedding Planning

Well haven’t the last few weeks been a bit rubbish?! The situation has been changing daily for a while now and I know this has put so much pressure on couples planning their 2020 weddings with so many of you having already postponed your wedding due to Coronavirus

I’ve been in touch with all of my couples who are booked in for this summer and I just want to say a big thank you for all the incredibly lovely emails and phone calls I’ve had with you. Despite being forced to make the difficult decision about whether to put your plans on hold, the kindness you’ve all shown to me has not gone unnoticed. 

I’m so chuffed that so far I’ve been able to accommodate all of your date changes and I’m still super excited to photograph your wedding. I know that many of you are still in limbo and waiting to see how this all pans out so just keep me in the loop and if your plans need to change I will bend over backwards to accommodate a date change. 

With so many of you now looking forward to a new date, you may be wondering what you can do when your original wedding date comes around. It’s likely you will feel a little sad that you aren’t getting married and social distancing may make it impossible to leave the house but you can still make it a special day for you and your fiancé. I’ve put my thinking cap on and come up with a few ideas…let me know if you have any other good ones I can share!

1. Throw an invite only party. 

Get your friends and family to download Houseparty – the new must have app for social distancing. Get some drinks, put on some music and party remotely with your nearest and dearest

2. Write vows and read them to each other

You might not have been originally planning on writing your own vows especially if you were having a church wedding but why not take the opportunity to have a go and say them privately to each other. Stuck for ideas? Share your hopes and dreams for the future, all that you’ve learnt about him/her or special memories from your time together

3. Big Night In

Get dressed up, order takeaway and watch your favourite film. Wear your veil (because why the hell not?!)

4. Table for Two

You can’t go to a fancy restaurant but how about fine dining at home? Set the dining table with your best china, chill a bottle of fizz and cook your favourite meal (or the one you would have eaten for your wedding breakfast!)

5. Plant a tree

A unique and ethical way of celebrating the day

6. Record videos

Tell your partner what you love most about them. Why not make it a new tradition and go on to do it every year on your anniversary? It’ll be fascinating to watch back in years to come!

7. Alexa, play our wedding playlist

Not made one? Throw one together with songs that tell your story as a couple and ones you’ve bonded over throughout your relationship

8. Do your first dance

Dress up and dance all night in your lounge – just the two of you!

9. Flowers (one for the grooms)

I know, I know…flowers are not the most original gift but go one step further and have a bouquet delivered with the flowers she would have had in her bouquet. Having your wedding postponed because of coronavirus probably means she will have to change her bouquet flowers to those in season on the new date so treat her to the ones she originally chose. Bloom & Wild are still open for orders and can deliver flowers through your letterbox!

10. Take some photos

Mark the occasion with a selfie or two. Or…shameless plug…go one step further and have a photo shoot (provided social distancing rules have relaxed and it is safe to do so!) 

Above all, do allow yourselves to celebrate the intended date and know that your planning has not gone to waste – you will get married and your day will be amazing (and I for one cannot wait to celebrate with you!) 

The most important thing is that you have each other and your health…you’ve waited this long…what’s a few more months? 

I hope these ideas have been helpful and provided you with some positivity in what is a lousy situation. For my couples whose wedding has been postponed due to coronavirus, I’d love to hear what you get up to! (tag me in your Insta stories and posts!)