Royal Mile Wedding Photography at the Balmoral | Zoe & Scott

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Royal Mile Wedding Photography by Jennifer Peel

I spent 7 years travelling to school with Zoe on the school bus and although we went our separate ways with Zoe studying medicine in Manchester and relocating to Edinburgh after qualifying, we have kept in touch through the powers of Facebook. Zoe excitedly messaged me as soon as Scott proposed, before they’d even set a date or chosen a venue so I kept my fingers crossed that I’d be available and luckily I was! I travelled to Edinburgh to meet Scott and do an engagement shoot for them six months before the wedding and I was given a tour of their chosen venue – the Balmoral Hotel in the city centre. With no open space or gardens, we decided on taking them up to the Royal Mile for their couple portraits and so for weeks leading up to the big day I kept my fingers crossed for good weather! I spent the morning with Zoe getting ready with her and her bridesmaids in their Edinburgh tenement flat before heading to the venue to arrive shortly before her. Being a true Scotsman, Scott and his groomsmen wore kilts and had thistles as their buttonholes. They chose a humanist ceremony which, unlike in England, is a legal ceremony. Couples choosing a humanist ceremony in England must still have a civil ceremony, most do this at a registry office in the days before the humanist celebration. I love humanist ceremonies as they feel much more personal to the couple and they come with the added bonus of more photographic freedom – with the celebrant actively encouraging me to move around as much as I pleased.

Following the ceremony we headed up to the Royal Mile as planned. The fifteen minutes that followed are easily the most manic, crazy 15 minutes of any wedding I’ve ever photographed! I hadn’t quite anticipated how many people there would be and how many tourists would try to hand me their iPhones so I could take a picture of them with the couple! Walking into the streets as the pedestrian lights turned green, I’d be shouting directions to Zoe and Scott as Lisa, her maid of honour fluffed her dress and kept the tourists at bay. We also managed to find a viewpoint over the city where we could see the clock tower of the Balmoral in the distance which was the icing on the cake.

Back at the hotel, I marvelled over the ‘Great Wedding Bake Off’ where guests from as far away as Bermuda had baked a cake to add to the table. Speeches followed the wedding breakfast and one of my favourite photos from the day is the moment Scott’s best man reveals in his speech that Scott had willingly eaten cat whilst abroad (the couple have a pet cat!). Scott later told me it was the one thing he thought he’d be able to keep a secret from Zoe forever, oops!

Scott’s dad presented Zoe with the family tartan before their first dance and after dancing with her new husband, Zoe surprised her Dad with a dance to Coldplay. I had to hide behind my camera at this point – father/daughter dances are the biggest tear jerker at a wedding! It’s always a pleasure to photograph any couple’s wedding but especially when it’s an old friend and I wish Zoe and Scott the happiest life¬†together.

Venue – The Balmoral Hotel, Edinburgh
Shoes – Rachel Simpson
Flowers – Capricorn FlowersRoyal_Mile_Balmoral_Edinburgh_Wedding_Photograpy_001

Royal_Mile_Balmoral_Edinburgh_Wedding_Photograpy_002 Royal_Mile_Balmoral_Edinburgh_Wedding_Photograpy_003 Royal_Mile_Balmoral_Edinburgh_Wedding_Photograpy_004 Royal_Mile_Balmoral_Edinburgh_Wedding_Photograpy_005 Royal_Mile_Balmoral_Edinburgh_Wedding_Photograpy_006 Royal_Mile_Balmoral_Edinburgh_Wedding_Photograpy_007 Royal_Mile_Balmoral_Edinburgh_Wedding_Photograpy_008 Royal_Mile_Balmoral_Edinburgh_Wedding_Photograpy_009 Royal_Mile_Balmoral_Edinburgh_Wedding_Photograpy_010 Royal_Mile_Balmoral_Edinburgh_Wedding_Photograpy_011 Royal_Mile_Balmoral_Edinburgh_Wedding_Photograpy_012 Royal_Mile_Balmoral_Edinburgh_Wedding_Photograpy_013 Royal_Mile_Balmoral_Edinburgh_Wedding_Photograpy_014 Royal_Mile_Balmoral_Edinburgh_Wedding_Photograpy_015 Royal_Mile_Balmoral_Edinburgh_Wedding_Photograpy_016

Balmoral wedding photography – a humanist ceremony at the BalmoralRoyal_Mile_Balmoral_Edinburgh_Wedding_Photograpy_017 Royal_Mile_Balmoral_Edinburgh_Wedding_Photograpy_018 Royal_Mile_Balmoral_Edinburgh_Wedding_Photograpy_019 Royal_Mile_Balmoral_Edinburgh_Wedding_Photograpy_020 Royal_Mile_Balmoral_Edinburgh_Wedding_Photograpy_021 Royal Mile wedding photography – couple portraits on the Royal Mile
Royal_Mile_Balmoral_Edinburgh_Wedding_Photograpy_023Royal Mile wedding photography – dodging the tourists and traffic!Royal_Mile_Balmoral_Edinburgh_Wedding_Photograpy_024Royal Mile wedding photography – couple portraits overlooking the city with the Balmoral clock towerRoyal_Mile_Balmoral_Edinburgh_Wedding_Photograpy_025 Royal_Mile_Balmoral_Edinburgh_Wedding_Photograpy_026 Royal_Mile_Balmoral_Edinburgh_Wedding_Photograpy_027 Royal_Mile_Balmoral_Edinburgh_Wedding_Photograpy_028 Royal_Mile_Balmoral_Edinburgh_Wedding_Photograpy_029

Balmoral wedding photography – Wedding breakfast at the Balmoral
Royal_Mile_Balmoral_Edinburgh_Wedding_Photograpy_030 Royal_Mile_Balmoral_Edinburgh_Wedding_Photograpy_031 Royal_Mile_Balmoral_Edinburgh_Wedding_Photograpy_032 Royal_Mile_Balmoral_Edinburgh_Wedding_Photograpy_033 Royal_Mile_Balmoral_Edinburgh_Wedding_Photograpy_034 Royal_Mile_Balmoral_Edinburgh_Wedding_Photograpy_035 Royal_Mile_Balmoral_Edinburgh_Wedding_Photograpy_036 Royal_Mile_Balmoral_Edinburgh_Wedding_Photograpy_037 Royal_Mile_Balmoral_Edinburgh_Wedding_Photograpy_038 Royal_Mile_Balmoral_Edinburgh_Wedding_Photograpy_039

Royal_Mile_Balmoral_Edinburgh_Wedding_Photograpy_040 Royal_Mile_Balmoral_Edinburgh_Wedding_Photograpy_041 Royal_Mile_Balmoral_Edinburgh_Wedding_Photograpy_042 Royal_Mile_Balmoral_Edinburgh_Wedding_Photograpy_043



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