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Mytton & Mermaid wedding photography by Jennifer Peel

So much to love about this wedding from May last year that it’s difficult to know where to start! The day began with Kelly getting ready at the Mytton and Mermaid hotel – as I arrived for bridal prep I was immediately introduced to their pooch who would be their ring bearer – I was very jealous of her floral crown! As Kelly is American, the couple had chosen to do things a little differently to a traditional English wedding – beginning with Richard seeing his bride before the ceremony and the two of them greeting guests into the hotel for afternoon tea ahead of their humanist ceremony a few hours later. They had hired a bus to then take themselves and their bridal party for photographs at Acton Burnell Castle ruins. This was a great opportunity to get some lovely pictures of the couple alone as well as giving me plenty of time to get some fun shots involving all of the bridal party. It’s very unusual for a couple to see each other before the ceremony but a ‘First Look’ is becoming increasingly popular and this meant after the ceremony was much more relaxed as many of the formal photographs had already been taken (a photographers dream!).

Kelly & Richard chose a humanist ceremony conducted by Shropshire Ceremonies which included a hand fasting. Humanist ceremonies, despite not being legal, are unique and deeply personal ceremonies that allow couples to declare their love in a way that suits them unlike the more restrictive civil ceremony. Ophelia, their poodle, was good as gold and delivered the rings without a hiccup!

Following the ceremony, guests enjoyed Pimms whilst I stole a few moments for some more relaxed portraits down by the river. The sun shone all day and following wedding breakfast guests were in for a treat with the evening entertainment. The band they had chosen had everyone on their feet all evening, finishing up with a Kelly throwing her bouquet and Richard taking off her garter with his teeth and tossing it to the single men (first time I’ve seen this tradition actually take place!)

Since their wedding last year I’m pleased to hear they are soon to expand their family with a new arrival this Autumn – I wish them all the best of luck for the years of parenthood to come, congratulations again guys!

Venue – Mytton & Mermaid Hotel

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