{ Hotel du Vin, Birmingham } Kim & Nick

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I do love a couple who want to get a bit more fun with their photos! Kim and Nick married at Hotel du Vin in Birmingham City Centre and opted to have their couple shots taken in and around the city centre. They hang out a lot at Urban Coffee directly opposite the hotel so it seemed only right to make use of the church pew they always have out the front! Kim’s dress was incredibly elegant and looked fab with her hydrangea bouquet and statement necklace. I have a soft spot for bow ties so I loved the mismatched ones Nick had chosen for the boys! I feel very privileged that I got to spend so much time photographing them on their special day – I couldn’t ask for a lovelier couple! Many thanks to Whimsical Wonderland Weddings blog for featuring this wedding here

Hotel_du_Vin_Wedding_Photography_001 Hotel_du_Vin_Wedding_Photography_002 Hotel_du_Vin_Wedding_Photography_003 Hotel_du_Vin_Wedding_Photography_004 Hotel_du_Vin_Wedding_Photography_005 Hotel_du_Vin_Wedding_Photography_006 Hotel_du_Vin_Wedding_Photography_007 Hotel_du_Vin_Wedding_Photography_008 Hotel_du_Vin_Wedding_Photography_009 Hotel_du_Vin_Wedding_Photography_010 Hotel_du_Vin_Wedding_Photography_011 Hotel_du_Vin_Wedding_Photography_012 Hotel_du_Vin_Wedding_Photography_013 Hotel_du_Vin_Wedding_Photography_014 Hotel_du_Vin_Wedding_Photography_015 Hotel_du_Vin_Wedding_Photography_016 Hotel_du_Vin_Wedding_Photography_017 Hotel_du_Vin_Wedding_Photography_018 Hotel_du_Vin_Wedding_Photography_019 Hotel_du_Vin_Wedding_Photography_020 Hotel_du_Vin_Wedding_Photography_022 Hotel_du_Vin_Wedding_Photography_023 Hotel_du_Vin_Wedding_Photography_024 Hotel_du_Vin_Wedding_Photography_025 Hotel_du_Vin_Wedding_Photography_026 Hotel_du_Vin_Wedding_Photography_027 Hotel_du_Vin_Wedding_Photography_028 Hotel_du_Vin_Wedding_Photography_029



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